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High quality, sustainable protein source

EntoCube offers the world a solution for a high quality protein. We do this in two ways: we offer the technology to farm insects for insect producers and vision a world where insect protein is a regular part of our diets.

Over two billion people already eat insects and this number is on a trajectory to grow further as insect are popularized in the developed world - EntoCube will play a major role in this change!


EntoCube currently has the ability to produce controlled atmosphere shipping containers of various sizes that can be manually operated to farm food-grade insects. The system is robust but very flexible in terms of layout and the internal climate so that it can be modified to fit different insect species. In our vision an EntoCube farm is built like LEGO blocks, stacked or in a row. If you're interested in farming insects, read more here!

Step into the future

Insects for food is a true source of inspiration for all ages! EntoCube is thrilled to vision futuristic scenarios where astronauts use insects as their main protein source when setteling Mars or the Moon. We are actively working for example with NASA and seeking out new partnerships across industries.

Insect farming in EntoCube

The first generation EntoCube feeds the crickets with certified cricket feed and the crickets are ready to harvest in 4-week cycles.

Here you can read more of EntoCube containers.