Insects = future

With the Earth’s population estimated to reach 9 billion by 2050, there is an urgent need for new sustainable sources for food. While resources like arable land and fresh water are growing increasingly scarce, there is an urgent need for more efficient food sources to be discovered and exploited. The world’s eyes are turning to a group of edible insects as a very sustainable food source: they are efficient to produce, environmentally friendly and highly nutritive human food.

Over two billion people already eat insects and this number is on a trajectory to grow further as insect are popularized in the developed world.

Whole, powder, paste...

Crickets are rich in nutrients, especially in high quality protein containing all essential amino acids, low in total fats with good balance of saturated-unsaturated fats. Adding crickets to food as a whole or as in form of cricket powder you can raise the amount of protein in a natural way. Cricket powder is 70% protein so by combining or replacing basic wheat flour with it you can bake your own super breads or super pasta!

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Apart from our farming container, it is possible to install farming modules in existing empty, warm space. This way you could turn your old, empty piggery into a cricket farm!
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