EntoCube and Ruohonjuuri made Finnish history when Ruohonjuuri began selling Sirkkapurkki, the first commercial insect product in Nordic Countries, in Ruohonjuuri stores. Sirkkapurkki is a decorative insect product that inspires the thought of including insect based food ingredients into our daily diets. Sirkkapurkki is available in Ruohonjuuri online shops as well as in Punnitse & Säästä -stores and Ruohonjuuri shops in Helsinki area.

Contents: Domestic crickets from Espoo (Acheta domesticus), oat bran, banana chip, linseed, cocos flake, sunflower seed, ground hazel nut, lingon powder.

Available now online or from below local Ruohonjuuri and Punnitse & Säästä stores.