The success story that Sirkkapurkki (cricket jar) started, now continues with Sirkkapussi (cricket bag)!

Sirkkapussi is a kitchen decorative, that inspires the thought of including insect based food ingredients into our daily diets. It is a ready granola that gets a unique protein twist from EntoCube’s domestic crickets grown in Espoo, Finland.

"The need for new sources of sustainably produced protein is growing worldwide - by 2050 the world population is estimated to exceed 9 billion. EntoCube has decided to respond to this challenge and seeks to wake thoughts of insects as part of a nutritious and ecological diet. Sirkkapussi and our previously launched Sirkkapurkki are kitchen decoratives, which, in our view will be a standard supply in tomorrow's kitchens."
- CEO and founding member of EntoCube Perttu Karjalainen

Sirkkapussi is available in Ruohonjuuri stores around Finland, as well as in Ruohonjuuri online store.

Contents: Domestic crickets from Espoo (Acheta domesticus), oat flakes, hazelnut, sunflower seed, linseed, pumpkin seed, lingon powder, Coconut flakes, banana chips, honey, cane sugar, olive oil, salt.

Sirkkapussi is available in the following stores