Tailor made technology

If you would like to be involved in the future of insects, we could assist you to make it a reality. Our cricket farming system ensure a steady production rate regardless of external condition. It is designed to maximize efficiency in every steps of the process in a very compact space. The system comes with very detailed instructions so that you could start farming from day 1.

Our current system is very scalable so that you could start small to build the knowledge and experience and at a later time scale up to reap large values.

As you scale up your production, we will assist in finding the output channel. There is a growing interest in insect across the world so the future is bright and promising for the first movers.

Ingredient for food product companies

If whole crickets are intimidating, offering cricket powder might serve as a versatile and high value ingredient for many food and nutritional products. Its nutrition value is excellent, having 70% protein together with good fatty acids. Furthermore, cricket powder has very mild taste, which allows its application to many current food items such as cakes, nutrition bars, smoothie to enhance their protein profile.

EntoCube modular farms

The first generation EntoCube feeds the crickets with high quality certified cricket feed and the crickets are ready to harvest in 4-week cycles.